A Closer Look at Littlefield Fountain

I wanted to get sunset shots of the fountain that stands in front of the University of Texas at Austin’s well-recognized tower while on our last trip.

I also wanted to get a few images of it while it was vacated so I wouldn’t have to shoot around people. Having returned to Austin the weekend after graduation, in order to move Son’s things, I thought perhaps since school was out that maybe I wouldn’t have to compete. And I didn’t! However, what I discovered was that the fountain wasn’t running. There was water in the fountain area, but the jets that normally spray from the sides were not functioning.

That was OK though, it gave me a closer look at Littlefield Fountain!

(Here is a little tidbit of information about the fountain and its history: The Littlefield Fountain, unveiled in 1932, was sculpted by Italian-born artist Pompeo Coppini. The fountain was funded by Major George W. Littlefield to commemorate UT students and alumni who died in World War I. The fountain features Army and Navy soldiers on each side, with goddess Columbia in the center with the palm of peace and the torch of light and freedom. The memorial fountain is inscribed in Latin. The translation reads, “Short life hath been given by Nature unto man; but the remembrance of a life laid down in a good cause endureth forever.” Beneath this inscription is a memorial bronze plaque that lists all UT students and alumni killed in World War I. In addition to its role as a memorial, the Littlefield Fountain has become a popular spot to snap a picture or grab lunch and strawberry lemonade on a sunny Texas afternoon. From http://www.texasexes.org/uthistory/campus-tour.aspx?tourstop=0)



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