Austin, Texas on the Move!

I know I said in my last post that the next few would be more on our experience when in Austin for Son’s graduation from UT. Well, it’s been a very busy couple of weeks and quite frankly, there hasn’t been time to post. So here I am now, but instead of sharing more from graduation (yet), I’m going to share photos from last weekend.

Last weekend we headed back to Austin to move Son’s things home for the summer. We will be moving his things again at the end of summer, when he moves to the Chicago area to attend grad school. He anticipates living there for the next 6-8 years while he works to achieve his PhD. (Ouch, just typing that hurts! Six to eight years? Really? Ouch again!)

Sweet Hubby and I arrived a couple of days before the big moving day. We made time to drive around Austin to see some places we missed on previous trips.

Here are a few images of the places we found:


Moore’s Crossing Bridge

McKinney Falls State Park (Lower Falls)

Littlefield Fountain and Tower at University of Texas at Austin

Littlefield Fountain

Graffiti Park

Castle on Castle Hill

City from Castle Hill

UT Tower above the Trees

The Capitol

Spiral of Fun



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