In Awe of…

our son!

As we prepare for the weekend and the commencement ceremonies at the University of Texas at Austin, I sit here in awe.

In awe of our son who has accomplished so much.

In awe of the fact he struggled so in school all those years ago.

In awe that he has put himself through school and is graduating with honors as a distinguished graduate.

In awe of all the fellowships, the scholarships and awards he has worked for and earned.

In awe of his independence, responsibility, maturity and determination.

In awe that one day, he will be called Dr. and have PhD behind his name.

In awe of a loving, merciful, gracious God who has taught me so much over the years in raising this child to a young man (and taught me patience when mine was running very low during homework times.)

In awe.


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