Adventures of Son: UT’s Albino Squirrel

Continuing on with the series, Adventures of Son, from last weekend’s quick visit to Austin, here is an interesting photo.

This little creature is the legendary “Albino Squirrel” that inhabits the University of Texas at Austin’s campus.

The legend is that he is so rare, that if you come across his path on the way to an exam, you will do well. I’m not really into legends, but the fact that he did show up on our tour and were able to catch a rare glimpse of such a famous little fella, added something extra special to the day.

I’ve read that he really is not an albino, as albino squirrels have red eyes. Even still, the blonde squirrel is very rare and is sought out by students on campus. It’s a special event to behold.

What you can’t see in the photo is that Son is standing to my right. And the squirrel is looking straight at him – and we all thought the squirrel would pounce on him at any second.

Hmm…Son DID have three big exams this week! I should probably find out how he did!


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