The Old Alton Bridge

There is just something about bridges! I find them extremely beautiful and interesting. Add OLD in front of the description and it’s perfect!

I’ve been doing a little research on some areas in Texas that I’ve yet to discover. Old barns, one-room schoolhouses, bridges, abandoned buildings, ghost towns – they are all so very interesting to me.

When I learned of an old bridge not too far from home, I had to find it!

Friday when Sweet Hubby was off work, he humored me and went on the hunt with me. And we found it!

Here is the Old Alton Bridge (also known as Goatman’s Bridge.) Interesting legend connected to this old bridge as you will see in the link:

And here is Sweet Hubby graciously stopping when I said, “Wait…stay right there and smile!”


2 thoughts on “The Old Alton Bridge

  1. I love this bridge! You really should go visit it right now at this time of year! It is gorgeous with the changing leaves! I just snapped a few photos on my cell phone of my son when went hiking around the trails this last weekend =)


    1. Oh – thanks Ashley! I just may have to do that!! Haven’t been since this photo was taken and it would be a fun place to hike, too. Thanks for letting me know.


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