Tracking the Trail to Texture Typical Texas

What a tongue-twister! 

What does it mean? It simply means I’ve been experiencing cabin fever the last couple of weeks. I’ve wanted to get out and drive to photograph whatever I can find, yet for one reason or another I have not been able to get out on the days that I’ve desired. Then I have the problem called boredom. Boredom of feeling like I’ve driven every back road in North Texas and desiring to go to someplace exotic. Well, maybe not “exotic”, but someplace other than North Texas. However, that isn’t possible at the moment. So, what do I do…?

I get in my car and hunt. I hunt for something to texture.

Seeing how I recently gave a workshop (and have another one scheduled his week) on when and how to use textures to enhance photos, I decided to hunt for a scene that could be used as an example.

I wasn’t gone long and only found one scene worth stopping for. Out of the eight captures, I found one that I wanted to work with for the purpose I had set out to achieve.

This rickety old barn would have been a perfect subject for shooting bracketed images to process an HDR image. I was facing the sun and the barn was a distance from me, past a gated fence. It was quite shadowy, but instead of shooting bracketed images, I decided to expose for the sky and then use processing and textures to bring up the details and shadows of the barn.

Below is the finished piece after my hour of playing and experimenting. There are a number of textures that were used for different purposes. The end result is a rustic, faded look to a rustic rickety old piece of property. Quite fitting!

Yes, I tracked a trail to texture a typical Texas scene!


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