First, But Not the Last

I held my first photo processing workshop yesterday morning and it was quite a success! The focus was on adding texture(s) to photos. We learned how to identify which photos are good candidates, the workflow and how to add them and when to mask away certain aspects to create just the right look.

It was a fun time with friends who all share the same desires. After the completion of our time together, I received rave reviews from the participants as they felt it was well worth their time and they learned a great deal. That says, “success” to me!

It was the first, but I’m sure it will not be the last. Not if the others who have expressed an interest can help it.

Below are a few of the first textured photos created as a result of the workshop.

My students are AWESOME!


CWG_20100509untitled shoot1-Edit

DSR_20120915Girls Getaway370-Edit


I also decided to do one for fun with a little different look from what I normally do. 

Yes, it was the first, but definitely not the last!


6 thoughts on “First, But Not the Last

    1. Thank you Lindsay! I have to make certain credit is given where credit is due…the first three were done by my students after their first workshop. I think they did wonderfully!


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