Who Am I, Photographically Speaking?

It’s been nearly three and a half years since I picked up my first DSLR. For three and a half years, I’ve been searching to find my bent, my photographic style. I recall writing a blog post three years ago (almost to the day – I just looked to see when it was posted) about how I wondered and asked, “What is my style?” As I reread that post, I realized that much of what I said then, I still say today. Most, but not all.

In that particular blog post I commented how I had not attempted portrait photography and perhaps because I felt it was above me. Today I do not feel it is above me, however it is not where my passion is found. I respect and admire portrait photographers immensely and I still desire to learn that realm of the photographic world. I desire to learn (and possibly master) all of them. I want to know all there is to know, but where my passion lies is where I was three years ago.

I still struggle with who I am photographically. Perhaps because I DO enjoy all types and styles of photography. Something else happened this past week that made me reevaluate where and who I am. Actually, a couple of things happened that made me open that door of searching (or rather, defining) who I am.

I sold another photo last week. I always ask how they found the particular photo they have inquired about and once again, they used google images to locate a photo that would fit their need. As I mimicked the same search terms, I discovered a full page of images. I scrolled (and scrolled) until I spotted mine. What I saw was something different from the others on the page. My Sweet Hubby then reminded me of a couple of others that I had sold recently. He reminded me of how when we had searched for them, they were…again…different from the others. As I’ve posted on here in past, I enjoy the processing about as much as I enjoy taking the photos. Therefore many of the final results of my images have an art appearance.

Another defining moment came when I attended an event with a couple of friends and Sweet Hubby this past week. It was an open house event for the print company, WHCC. When asked what type of photographer I am, what came out of my mouth was stuttering. I hemmed and hawed and what finally came from my lips were the words, “Oh I am JUST an amateur. I JUST take landscape and like to travel. I Just….” well, I’m sure you get the point. It is true, I have not and am currently not pursuing photography as a profession, however the fact is that all of my income over the last two years has come from photography. Even though it is all for fun, by the Lord’s direction I have sold a number of photos.

After the event, I was talking about how I must work on my presentation and at least know how to answer a simple question. I have sales experience in my background and know the importance of a good presentation and being able to confidently answer a simple question. Sweet Hubby reminded me of what a photographer at a recent seminar had said to the group, “Introduce yourself as who you want to be, not who you are currently.”

That reminder has caused me to dig in a little and spend some time looking over my work, looking at definitions and descriptions of different photographers and identify who I am photographically speaking.

I’m getting close. 


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