A Drive Through Dallas

Yesterday I had a desire. 

A desire to get out and go for a drive.

Didn’t know where, exactly, but out.

I remembered I had seen an old school on the internet a while back that was in west Dallas.

It was the elementary school of Bonnie Parker of Bonnie and Clyde.

My great-grandmother had worked with Bonnie’s mother, Emma, at Nardis of Dallas around the time of the war. 

So we headed east to find the school.

We missed our turn.

We (being Sweet Hubby and I) figured we might as well go and be a tourist in Dallas.

Yes, Dallas is only about 30 miles from us, but we seldom venture that far unless passing by on trip.

Sad, I know.

We drove all through downtown and memories came flooding back.

Memories of my great-grandmother (Nana), and my great-aunt and uncle, Sally and Joel.

Every summer I’d go stay with Aunt Sally and Uncle Joel and Nana. 

They lived in a duplex together. I’d stay on one side for a few days and on the other side another few days.

I have memories of that downtown and riding the bus with Aunt Sally to have lunch at Titche’s.

Back then it was like Harrods of London to me.

She’d treat me to lunch in their tea room. 

It was special.

This drive through Dallas was truly a drive through.

We didn’t stop (except for lunch and I’ll save that for another story.)

With the sun roof open, I looked up.

And shot. 


And yes, on the way back we did find the school.

Here: (Eagle Ford District 49)


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