From RAW Barn to Vintage Barn

The PhotoFrenzy that took place the other day was good for me. It was good because it sparked the desire to do more (and hope to very soon), but it also gave me some new photos to experiment and play with in Lightroom.

The image below was shot on a cloudy, dreary, bland day. 

I wanted to give it a vintage look and decided to experiment and process it in Lightroom (only) to achieve the look I wanted. (Meaning, without taking it into Photoshop, also.)

After making the adjustments that I wanted to achieve the look, something was missing. Although it was a very cloudy day, the clouds had no definition. Even after adding a graduated filter with a lowered exposure, highlights and a few other tweaks, it didn’t add definition or character.

So, what is a girl to do? Add my own definition, of course! By using the adjustment brush and doing a few dodge strokes and a few burn ones, I was able to create the definition I desired.


This is the RAW SOOC image:

DSR_20130205February Drive26-Edit-2

This is the Vintage Barn:


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