The Fog Called

I haven’t been out on a PhotoFrenzy in a long time. What’s a PhotoFrenzy, you ask? It’s going for  a drive for the sole purpose of taking photos of anything and everything. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done one.

This morning after I got Sweet Hubby out the door for work and got myself ready for the day, I realized it was still quite foggy. The fog was pretty dense out our back door.

The fog called! I immediately thought, grab the camera and drive west.

I remembered an area that I had discovered a couple of years ago called Deep Creek. I knew there were some low areas near the creek and could only imagine what it might look like with the fog. As I drove west, I soon realized that I had missed my turn and had to turn around and go back towards the direction I had just come from.

Once I finally arrived in the area, the fog had lifted. I missed my opportunity. Instead of heading home, I decided to go ahead and drive around a little distance to see if anything had changed over the last couple of years. I didn’t stay long as it was quite dreary, but without the coolness of fog. Things appeared quite bland!

As I drove, the first thing I saw was this old barn, but what really caught my attention was the tree.

A little further down the road I found a branch of the creek. 

Then another old barn.

And another…

There were many trees in the area.

There were a few very interesting things to see on these back roads. Like this horse.

And the wishing well in the middle of the road.

The icing on the cake was this caboose. In the front yard of someone’s home.

But not just any yard!

No, it was in the Yard of the Month!

The final shot of the day was a typical country scene, only I added a few textures to give it a little more interest.

Yes, the fog called. Only I wish it had called a little sooner.


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