Experiment and Learn

I’ve decided to take some time this weekend to experiment and learn. I just loaded Photoshop CS6 and although it is very similar to CS5, there are a few additions and changes. I’ve discovered over the last few years of dabbling in photography, the absolute best way to learn is to dig in and explore.

Tonight, that is exactly what I’ve been doing! These photos are just a few of my experiments.

The first was a three-exposure bracketed shot that went from Lightroom, to Photomatix Pro, back to Lightroom, then into Photoshop. I then experimented with the content aware patch tool, before returning it to Lightroom and tweaking just a little more.

The red barn is a fixture in the Bob Jones Nature Center nearby in Southlake, Texas.

This next one was also shot in the same nature center. It was a photo of a simple field, however after taking it from Lightroom into Photoshop, I added three textures from The Coffeeshop Blog‘s site. Returned it to Lightroom and…Voila! It now has a painting look to it.

This last one may appear as if nothing was added to it, yet it probably received the most work. It went from being adjusted in Lightroom into Photoshop. This is where I worked with the curve tool, added several layers, added a couple of actions and a little masking before returning it back to Lightroom, where more tweaking took place.

It’s a shot of a simple back road in Denton County in the fall.

Yes, this weekend will be a weekend to experiment and learn – and I’m not complaining!


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