Snapshots, Olympics, Gold

This morning’s post on my Facebook page said: “Woohoo! I’m going to the Olympics today! Yes, yes I am! And what will I see? Greatness!”

It was actually the MINI-Olympics held at a local childcare academy.

Did I see greatness? Of course I did!

Greatness was in the form of my Share-Granddaughter. (If you don’t know what a Share-Granddaughter is, read the description here.)

As far as the photography you are about to see…well, not so much in the form of greatness. No, these are merely snapshots. The room was dark with only two little skinny windows in the doors that led outside, we sat on the far opposite side of the room and to keep from distracting the Olympic Gymnasts, I opted to not use my flash. So I cranked up the ISO, zoomed in and snapped and shot.

Please allow me to walk you through this event:

The Olympic music is started and out walk the gymnasts waving their United States of America flags. Yes, all of the athletes represent the good ol’ US of A.

DSR_20130130Mini Olympics8

DSR_20130130Mini Olympics11

Let me just insert here, my Share-Granddaughter is unique, one-of-a-kind and likes to keep it that way. She is a creative little being and likes to create her own uniqueness. She does a pretty good job at it, I might add.

It’s obvious that her creative juices are flowing and she is trying to contemplate a way to keep her uniqueness by doing her own thing.

DSR_20130130Mini Olympics17

DSR_20130130Mini Olympics18

The next several photos, I will let speak for themselves:

DSR_20130130Mini Olympics16 DSR_20130130Mini Olympics21 DSR_20130130Mini Olympics20 DSR_20130130Mini Olympics23 DSR_20130130Mini Olympics27

DSR_20130130Mini Olympics52 DSR_20130130Mini Olympics53 DSR_20130130Mini Olympics54

In that last photo, she didn’t quite get the “Tada!” thing where you throw your hands up in the air. Or did she? Perhaps, again, she’s just creating her own style.

After her magnificent performance on the high beam, she was off to

…demonstrate her one-of-a-kind cartwheel on a padded block, 

DSR_20130130Mini Olympics55

…jump from one star to another (OK, again…she sorta did her own thing),

DSR_20130130Mini Olympics57

…walk the balance beam. Who needs to do the “flamingo pose” anyway?

DSR_20130130Mini Olympics128

Uh oh, I think we’ve been spotted!

DSR_20130130Mini Olympics113

Now, on to the difficult and perfectly executed back walkover. (Ummm, hello…teacher? Yes, what about the front somersault? The other children did it, but why not her? Oh, I guess she is too advanced for it.)

So now, the back walkover:

DSR_20130130Mini Olympics122

DSR_20130130Mini Olympics125

Again, that whole “Tada” thing is overrated! “I’ll create my own,” she says. “Let’s move on, shall we?”

DSR_20130130Mini Olympics126

And now, for the event we have all waited for…the ceremony!

Lo and behold, everyone’s a winner! 

DSR_20130130Mini Olympics143

DSR_20130130Mini Olympics146

Well, she is the only Gold in my eyes! 

DSR_20130130Mini Olympics163

(And I think mom has already decided that it’s quite possible that being a gymnast isn’t in this creative artist’s future.

Hmm, perhaps next time we will try dance!) 


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