My London Night with the Phantom

This month has flown by and been…well…a little unexpected. With the accident my nephew experienced the first weekend, it’s been a month that hasn’t allowed much time for getting out and taking photos. In order to accomplish some much-needed photo-therapy, I’ve been scanning back through photos from 2012. In some cases, I just browse completed works. In others, I process some I never made the time to work on.

I enjoy all types of photography and especially enjoy learning. Learning and experimenting with different genres of photography cause me to come out of my comfort zone and expand.

With that said, my first love and where my comfort zone is, is in landscape photography. I am passionate about capturing the beauty of the land, architecture, old structures, etc. and creating art through my photography by experimenting with different processing methods. It brings me joy!

Last spring while visiting London, I had many opportunities to capture some of the lovely land and scenes of a very gorgeous place. But, I also had opportunities to experiment with some types that are out of my comfort zone. The photos I’m sharing today are a few of those. Low light photography is an area that I’m not experienced in, nor comfortable.

The photos from this series were taken the night we enjoyed seeing Phantom of the Opera in its original location – Her Majesty’s Theatre.

What an experience!

My London night with the phantom!








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