It Only Takes a Second

In a split second, things change. For the good, or for the bad (or what currently appears bad.) That is what happened to our family.

(Before I go any further, I must say…I KNOW there is going to be GOOD that comes from this in the long run. Somehow. Someway. What I’m about to share will be turned around for God’s glory. What satan meant for harm will turn on him and God WILL BE glorified!)

It was an accident. A freak accident. Every parent’s worst nightmare. A split second that seems to alter everything.

That is what happened Saturday, January 5, 2013. The end result was an accident that left a bb that penetrated through the pupil and lodged behind the eye of my eight year old nephew, Jakey-D.

You’ve met him before (if you’ve followed me very long)…remember? You met him here and here.

He’s a very inquisitive, loving and lovable, sensitive, God-loving, thoughtful, wise-beyond-his-years little boy.

He was rushed to the best local children’s hospital where he underwent his first of several surgeries. This first one was for the purpose of repairing the hole in his eye and after several more, there will be one to remove the bb that is lodged next to the bone. He’s been through quite a bit so far and he has a road ahead of him, but there are several things in his favor: He loves Jesus and knows the power of prayer, he has a family who adores him, he has already touched many lives and continues to do so, he is STRONG and has the most upbeat, positive attitude I’ve ever seen from an eight year old child. (It’s very easy to forget that he is only eight, as he looks and acts so much older.)

To show a little of the heart of my nephew, Sunday after the accident was his sister’s birthday. I arrived and was sitting next to him when out of the clear blue, he asked if I could video with my phone. I said, “Yes, what do you want me to video for you?” He said, “Take a video of me.” I did and this is what he wanted to video…

(If you can’t hear/understand…he is saying, “Happy Birthday Emma, I love you!”)

And he has MANY people praying for him! I’d like to ask you to do the same. We want faith-filled, Holy Spirit led prayers over him – also, for his family.

As most of you can only imagine, the financial obligations that come with an accident such as this are huge. There are multiple specialists that he has appointments with, multiple surgeries and hospital stays, gas and wear and tear on vehicles to get him to all of the appointments (he has three separate ones just this week, plus another surgery next week.) That doesn’t even speak of the fact that my sister-in-law is having to turn down work to be “mommy” during this time to care for and make sure he gets to all of his appointments.

(Not without initial resistance from his mommy and daddy,) we are working to set up a fund to help with the financial obligations of his care and to assist with what insurance will not pay. If you are interested in helping, please message me and I can privately give you the information. I prefer to send the info on an individual basis as opposed to posting it publicly here – at least for now. Regardless, PLEASE keep him and the family in your faith-filled prayers. Those prayers are profitable!

Whose report shall we believe? We shall believe the report of the Lord! Regardless what the doctors’ prognosis is, we choose to believe the Lord’s report over all. His report says Jakey-D is healed, in the name of Jesus! If you can agree, say AMEN!

Here are a few pics of my guy. Thank you all in advance for your prayers!

These were taken last August:

IMG_1461IMG_1458DSR_20120825Day 2 with Jake36-Edit

Here are a few from the last few days.

Immediately following surgery.

Immediately following surgery.

The next morning with a smile (as big as he could get at the time.)

The next morning with a smile (as big as he could get at the time.)

After a trip to the hospital's Build-a-Bear.

After a trip to the hospital’s Build-a-Bear.

Tex was born at the hospital.

Tex was born at the hospital.

Home at last with lil' bro!

Home at last with lil’ bro!

 Jesus said, “I’ll come and heal him. Matthew 8:7 MSG


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