A Day at Downton

Ok, so it wasn’t really Downton, but it was Highclere Castle, the famed resident of the Carnarvon family where the PBS popular weekly show, Downton Abbey, is set.

This past May, I was blessed with a trip to England and on that trip, Sweet Hubby, Lisa and I planned a day to visit Highclere Castle. As a matter of fact, it was the very first thing we planned…even before flights were booked. We had to wait a very long time (so it seemed) for the online ticket counter to open and it meant checking daily, but finally the moment arrived and we purchased our tickets. I wouldn’t be surprised if ours were some of the very first tickets sold.

The day was SPECTACULAR! Having the opportunity to see such a beautiful residence, view, learn and walk in the history of the place was amazing – and on top of that, we were walking and viewing the rooms where our favorite drama unfolded week after week. It was as if we were in the lives and times of the Downton Abbey residents. The rooms look much larger on television, but everything else about them look just the same. As it turns out, not much is changed for the set. It’s the real deal. (All but the kitchen scenes.)

With the start of season three of Downton Abbey having just premier last night, I thought perhaps I’d share some photos from our day at Downton (Highclere).

(Yes, I know the season is actually complete and all of my friends “on the other side of the pond” have seen it, however it has just begun in the states. Please don’t leave any spoilers here. I’ve heard from a dear friend that we met while touring Highclere Castle, that it’s a season of shockers. That is just enough to get my curiosity up and leave me wanting even more!)

This gallery will be added to over the coming days, as I discovered last night there are a few photos yet to process from that precious time and wonderful experience with two of my favorite people. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day. OK, I guess it could have been had we run into the Earl or Countess Carnarvon or the Crawleys themselves!

To view the gallery of photos from the day, click the picture below. Be sure to check back later as there will most likely be more photos added to the gallery, very soon.

Highclere Castle (aka Downton Abbey) Photo Gallery


One thought on “A Day at Downton

  1. I thought of you all last night when I watched the Highclere Castle segment and then Downton Abbey! Oh, how wonderful to be able to walk though and see all the history of this grand place! Sammy was impressed and full of questions! Hehehe! 🙂


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