Couldn’t Be More Perfect for Us!

Son has been in school for many years. He has many years to go, still ahead of him. He has done it all himself…by way of scholarships, grants and paying from his own money.

What is he in school for? Well, I’m still a little shocked myself so let me see if I can spit this out…he is going to school to get his doctoral degree in Sociology. He will one day be Professor Son with a PhD. Wow!

Oh no, you don’t understand! This is a huge deal! This is the kid who was much more interested in socializing with friends, being the clown in class and having fun than doing school work. Just ask his teachers and principal. At some point along the way, something clicked and he did a complete turn around, has put himself through school, keeps a top grade point average and has achieved many honors in his time working for his bachelors degree. He will be heading off to graduate school next fall to get his masters and then on to achieve his PhD. Sometimes I wonder if this is the same person that would go head-to-head with me on doing homework or studying for a test.

All of that to say, he has been pretty self-sufficient (don’t get me wrong…we help him out every time he needs) and his finances have been limited. For several years now we’ve told him to please NOT get us anything for Christmas. He rarely obeys that request.

This year, the same request was made with a strong emphasis.

This year his gifts to us could not have been any more perfect! I mean that with all my heart – they are the best gifts ever. I am like a kid with a new toy at even the thought of what is in my possession from my wonderful, thoughtful Son.

Let me share them with you along with a little explanation:

First, this is PERFECT! It is a framed art piece of different letters made from photographs around campus. They spell out Longhorns. He is going to take us around one weekend to show us all of the places the letters represent. He even had the perfect place picked out where it should be hung. (If you didn’t figure it out, he attends the University of Texas at Austin – hook’em horns!)



Next, he blessed us with three books. Three books that mean a great deal to us. He gave them to us with an explanation of WHY on each one:

  • First is one that will help us to understand the field of study he has chosen.
  • Next is one from a favorite pastor of his that he enjoys learning from through books and audio teachings.
  • Last but not least is one that he prefaced with, “I want you two to live a long time….” Those words. They meant a million dollars to both myself and Sweet Hubby. When he said those words, we stood at attention…both of us. It’s a book on healthy eating and includes an eating lifestyle that will make major changes in our bodies. We agreed to read it and implement what we learn.


As I said at the beginning of this post, these gifts couldn’t be more perfect for us. We are happy parents with a wonderful son!


4 thoughts on “Couldn’t Be More Perfect for Us!

  1. My son completed his doctorate in Math this summer and is currently a Math instructor at University of Colorado at Boulder, so I understand how you must feel. Great, thoughtful gifts! My son gave me my second granddaughter for Christmas.

    Sorry I haven’t posted lately, Debbi. I’m having a busy retirement! We’re leaving in 1 1/2 weeks for a photography workshop by snowcoach in Yellowstone. If you think of it, please pray for clear weather. Snow is predicted for traveling there and during the workshop.



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