One Track Mind

One month ago today, I was sitting here where I am now. I was busy hustling and bustling the last-minute things that needed to be orchestrated for the success of our first Help-Portrait event. And I had a one-track mind. 

The following week I had another one-track mind. It was to do all that I normally do in a month’s time, in one week. I had to finish Christmas shopping, wrap ALL the gifts, do ALL my Christmas baking and pack all of my things for the trip we would take the following week. Yes, another one-track mind.

Then came the week of the trip. At that point, my one-track mind shifted gears. It went from high-speed to cruising. Boy, was that a nice speed! All we did was enjoy each other, relax, eat, cruise, snorkel/dive, relax, eat, enjoy each other. Ahhh…VERY nice!

We returned Christmas Eve to another gear…Christmas! That week was all about family, fun and unpacking from a week of cruising and preparing for the week ahead. Still it was with a one-track mind.

The following week, held another semi-high speed gear – another one-track mind: getting Son to his flight for Houston, packing after Sweet Hubby returned from work New Year’s Eve and heading to Houston ourselves. It was a five-hour drive, a night of a grand wedding, then back to the hotel for the return home the next day – which included a stop in Austin to drop Son off and run some much-needed errands for him. The speed was second gear.

Returning home, we are at it again. But this time the one-track mind is focused on unpacking, putting away, preparing for the exciting year ahead. Not high-speed, not low-speed. Just moving along and yes, with…

a one-track mind!

Do YOU do things with a one-track mind, or are you all over the place  at once? Is it just me that tends to focus wholeheartedly in the moment? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a great multitasker, but some things require me to be in ‘one-track mind mode.’ Is that you? Or am I alone in this? Just curious! 


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