Wow, What a Wonderful Wedding!

The last two days have been a whirlwind! Son’s best friend was getting married January 1st and Son was the best man. He flew out early New Year’s Eve morning to spend the day with his friend and attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Sweet Hubby had to work New Year’s Eve night, as usual. So we couldn’t head to Houston for the wedding until New Year’s Day. Early Tuesday morning we loaded the car and headed south.

All I can say about that wedding is, it was PERFECT. AMAZING. LIKE NONE OTHER.

Knowing Son’s friend (and I do, quite well. He is like a second son to us as he and Son were always together while growing up. With the two of them together, they would keep us in stitches, laughing hysterically – always.) The wedding did not disappoint. It was what I expected…and more.

To get an idea of the personalities of these two lovebirds, and just how perfect they are for each other, check out their wedding invitation video:

There’s no way to even touch on the extreme-ness of the event, but here are a few iPhone photos of the experience.

Wow, what a WONDERFUL wedding!












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