2012: The Year of Fulfillment!

As I reflect on this past year, I am amazed and overwhelmed with the realization that a HUGE desire of mine was fulfilled. At least the start of that fulfillment!

I LOVE (and I mean LOVE) to travel! I’ve been to almost all of the states within the US in my life – including four trips to the Hawaiian Islands. I’ve also been blessed to travel to Ireland, Mexico and the Bahamas over the years. However…it’s been a number of years since a trip such as those had happened for me. Sweet Hubby? Yes, he’s been to England, Switzerland, Australia and more over the years with his work and ministry. Those trips I’ve only been able to visit through his snapshots.

With downsizing our home more than a year ago, I had hope. One of the things I remember the Lord telling me as I started to struggle with selling the home we built from the ground up, was that I’d be able to travel. It was a desire. And I knew the Lord didn’t say things He didn’t mean, so it was just a matter of time before that desire would be fulfilled. In my own thinking, I figured it would take around five years before I’d see the fulfillment of that desire.

Was I wrong!

It came much quicker than I had anticipated and trust me, I am NOT complaining!

Please let me share a recap of my travels this year:

It started in January with a trip to Austin to help Son get moved into an apartment from the co-op he had been living in.

Then in April, we made another trip to Austin. This was a spontaneous, one-day, little trip (but a trip, just the same.) We picked up Son and headed to visit Krause Springs.

In May, I was able to take a BIG trip. A trip with Sweet Hubby to England!  This had been a desire for many years and the Lord worked it all out for me to be able to go. In addition to Sweet Hubby’s company, we also had a few wonderful days seeing the sights with my special friend, Lisa! We were even able to tour Downton Abbey (I mean, Highclere Castle!)

Not only that, but after our first week of vacationing just when Sweet Hubby had to go to work, my girlfriend Kris was able to fly out and join me for the second half of the trip. A great time was had by all!

While Kris was with me, she and I took a day-tour to Paris, France. It was trés bon!

Two days after returning from the UK, my Sweet Hubby surprised me with some news. He had planned to take me on a cruise to celebrate our anniversary. Our anniversary was THE NEXT WEEK! I’m a planner and at first, I felt panic. But then, the peace of God took over, I relaxed, repacked my bag and we headed in a few days to New Orleans to cruise to Cozumel. What a wonderful surprise!

Then the BIGGEST surprise of ALL happened in June! Hubby was planned to fly to Hawaii for a work trip. I had not even thought about going. Two days before he was to leave, he walks in from work that evening and announces, “I’ve decided that I want you to go with me to Hawaii. See if you can get a flight.” “Uhhh WHAT? Are you kidding me? Two days, find a flight to Hawaii?”

Well, let me tell you: God supernaturally intervened and to find out all the details and to spare my readers who were there with me at the time, I’ll direct you to here.

In September, Kris and I took a girls-getaway-trip to Jefferson, Texas where we hunted for alligators, big foot and saw many frogs. We saw the ghost of John Wayne and had a wonderful day driving around the skeletal town of Marshall (“Does she like to read?” – that is for Kris’ benefit) and stayed in the lovely, homey Carriage House Bed and Breakfast.

In October and November, I actually had the opportunity to travel with Sweet Hubby to the Ozarks of Missouri and then to the Washington, DC area, but opted to skip those trips.


Because we had already planned another cruise to take Son for an early graduation present, right before Christmas. We loaded the car, headed back to New Orleans, Cruised out to Cozumel where Sweet Hubby and Son were able to fulfill their own desires…to scuba dive together. This had been a desire for over 22 years!

I look forward to what the Lord has in store for 2013. I know with Him, it will only be wonderful.

Yes, 2012 was for certain the year of fulfillment! 


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