My Oh My

My oh my – do I feel behind! I mean, it feels as if the last month and a half have taken place in two weeks, tops!

In looking over what I’ve done, where I’ve been and HOW MANY PHOTOS I’ve taken that haven’t been touched – AND HOW MUCH I HAVE TO CATCH UP ON – I’m a little overwhelmed. Just being honest.

So, hopefully over the next couple of weeks I can catch up and share some of those things with you. I’ll warn you…some things will be overdue, but I’m sure you will be forgiving.

In the meantime, let me share a pic from our recent travels and why I like it so much.

This is a photo taken while walking through the French Quarter of New Orleans. I like this because it represents a few things:

  • An area that Son truly enjoys visiting and we were able to visit it together.
  • That is Son walking in the photo. He walks EVERYWHERE on a regular basis so his stride is quite fast. He no longer has a car in his resident city of Austin so to get where he needs to go, he must walk and do it fast. It took him about ½ a day of walking with us to slow down enough to not leave us behind (even though our stride is quite fast, too.) This was before he got to that place of slowing down.
  • I enjoy the old architecture of New Orleans’ French Quarter and this building is representation of a perfect example.


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