iPhone Recap: Wonderful Times

What a wonderful week it has been! I mean WONDERFUL!

I love my son. I love him very much. He’s all grown up  now and I miss those times of having him running around as a young child. He wasn’t perfect and had his moments of being…well…a stinker as Nana would say. But I’d pay big bucks to have those times back again.

But…I can’t. And now he is about to graduate with his bachelors degree and go onto graduate school. We wanted to take him on a cruise – to celebrate his graduation and to give him a much-needed rest-break. The only time this would work was the week before Christmas, even though he doesn’t graduate until next spring.

So we did – we took the trip and again…it was WONDERFUL. We had a fabulous time relaxing and enjoying the time together. We spent a day in New Orleans and then took our cruise. On the ship, we did a lot of nothing. Son spent his time eating, reading, at the gym, in the library, in our suite, eating, reading, at the gym, in our suite…

These are a few pictures from our trip taken with my iPhone. I’ll be sharing more photos from my camera later, but for now here is a recap of our wonderful times from my phone:

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2 thoughts on “iPhone Recap: Wonderful Times

  1. Wow, Debbie ! Beautiful photos ! Wonderful memories for you and your husband, for sure ! 🙂 ❤



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