Encircled in Love: Help-Portrait 2012

What an amazing experience! 

Yesterday was the 2012 Global Help-Portrait Day. We held the first event in Fort Worth and it was AMAZING!

Our subjects were the staff and residents of Christ’s Haven for Children. This included the children of the home as well as their House Parents and families. They were primped and pampered by our talented hair and makeup artists, then ushered to get professional portraits made by THE BEST photographers in the area. Afterwards they had a fun time creating and decorating their own mat that will house one of the three prints they will receive. After all the fun and festivities, they were treated to pizza, hamburgers, tacos, cookies, brownies and much, much more – all of which was donated by varies local restaurants. The prints were donated by the local Walmart’s one hour service and once returned, each child received two framed prints.

The volunteers fell in love with the children and were often the subject of photos as the photographers turned their cameras over to the children. There are quite a number of budding photographers living at that home!

EVERYONE had a wonderful time! I’m not sure who had more fun, the children or us…the volunteers.

One thing that was for sure and for certain…

everyone was encircled in LOVE!

DSR_20121208H-P FW Event225


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