Thankful for My Girls!

On this day of Thankfulness, I am thankful for my girls.

The photo below is of my friend Kelly and her three daughters. Kelly lives in California, I live in Texas. We met almost 23 years ago and have been like sisters ever since. We’ve been through much together over the years. We’ve laughed and cried together, have seen both poverty and prosperity together. (Well, not true poverty. However, we both remember tearing apart the car to find loose change just to be able to go to Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone.) We even spent about 10 years in business together.

Just as it is common in families to have different children with different personality traits – the same can be said for us. I tend to sometimes be a “little” obsessive compulsive and Kel on the other hand is a master at flying by the seat of her pants. We’ve learned from each other how to balance. Just like sisters.

We’ve been together – although many miles apart – to watch the girls grow up.

The first little one, a redhead, was a prissy little thing. Even as a baby she would bat those eyes and make your heart melt. Some things just never change and she still melts my heart.

The second daughter was the one that I identified immediately as the one most like me: very strong-headed. She was different from the other children. Not quite as easy to appease and she didn’t come into this world with red hair like the others – she was blonde and so therefore deemed my child from the beginning.

The third little strawberry-headed pumpkin came bouncing into the world with a grin like non-other. She was always the spark that would light a room. Although I was around her the least while she was young, she always made me feel as if Aunt Debbi was right there all along and never missed a beat. I remember seeing her after several years of not, and she greeted me at the front door with that grin and a hug as if she knew me better than anyone.

I was not there for any of their births, we missed them literally by days. All three! We always seemed to be in California while Kelly was in her ninth month, however they would wait until we left to enter the world. Those little stinkers!

Although miles apart, they have always been and always will be my girls!

And I’m thankful!


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