And They Said “I Do!”

I had no idea it has been five days since my last post. As they say, “Time flies when you’re having fun” and let me tell you…I must be having loads!

It’s been a wonderful few days: my beautiful, dear, sweet, precious, go-way-back friend came into town from California. Why? To see me of course!

OK, so that isn’t entirely true. Her son lives in the area and he was getting married to the most wonderful, perfect person for him. She is absolutely adorable and they are so very cute together.

They had asked me to photograph the wedding, but not feeling confident in my ability I politely denied the proposal. Not really…I kicked and screamed and cried and begged them to find someone else. After all, not feeling confident and being that it was a ONCE IN A LIFETIME event, there was just no way I would take on such a huge responsibility. I told them I’d be happy to be a back-up photographer and it would give me experience and practice. And what a great experience it was!

A great big THANK YOU and shout out to Candi of Candi Coated Photography for being there for them at this special time! She is awesome and such a blessing!

In addition to having some time with my beautiful friend, I also had a little time with my gorgeous nieces, Kel’s hubby and brother. They are family to me as I’ve watched the groom grow up from the age of two and was there when all three of the girls were in the womb. I’ve seen them grow into beautiful young ladies.

It was fast-paced, but a wonderful time that felt like a quick family reunion. The only problem with getting just a taste of a long-distance friendship is that it leaves you (me) wanting more. Well, perhaps since they now have a family here besides me, I will see more of them (hint, hint.)

After a few days of last-minute prep, the wedding took place. It was simply beautiful.

…I got practice and experience in shooting a wedding. It was fun since I wasn’t the primary photographer – the pressure was off!

And the most important part took place…

they said, “I do!”






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