Signs of Fall in North Texas

Fall doesn’t really happen in north Texas. It seems we go from summer to winter most years – and last year we really never had a winter.

With our lack of real trees in the area, along with the warm temperatures, rarely do we have a period of true autumn colors. When we do, it doesn’t typically last long and if I’m going to get a shot of them, I must act fast.

The last couple of weekends I’ve had the opportunity to get out and shoot. This past Saturday a special friend joined Sweet Hubby and I as we hit the road and drove up north to scope out the small town of Saint Jo. On our way back home, we drove through Decatur.

Just as we were about to pass it, I suddenly remembered one of my first finds three years ago while driving around and taking photos to experiment and learn my new toy – my first DSLR. There is a steeple-looking structure that appears in Decatur and it’s not the courthouse.

As that fascinating structure appeared, I asked Sweet Hubby if we could make a detour and show this beautiful, old, abandoned house to my friend. We discovered it once again, took a good number of shots and started to head back home.

Just as I was walking down to get in the car, I saw this… 

the first signs of Fall in north Texas:

(Yes, that IS the courthouse peering above the treetops.)


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