Lucy, Italy’s Top Model

Let me explain:

For those of you who have followed for a while, you KNOW my favorite model to shoot is my little Yorkie, Lucy. She has been the topic of a number of blog posts, the subject of many, many photos.

One of my very favorite photos of her is one I took when I first picked up my DSLR three years ago. I had her on my bed and I was practicing and learning all the buttons, knobs, and settings on my camera and she was being my model. Well this photo is one that came from that learning/practice round and I’ve not been able to take one of her since that compares, in my opinion. It is the perfect image to represent my precious little girl and one that shows her sweetness and personality!

Fast forward to last year around this time. I was in Missouri and had a couple of contacts via email, from different people asking to use my photos for different projects. One of those requests was very unique. I’ve not had this type of request before.

It was regarding a photo of Lucy. An Italian artist, Antonella Canavese, was interested in doing an illustration for some art craftworks. I gave her permission, but had no idea which photo she had chosen to use. I could have asked, but it didn’t matter to me as any photo of Lucy would be adorable!

Today I received an email from the artist along with a few photos of the finished illustration and a couple of the craftworks. And guess which photo she used? Yes, my favorite!

So here is the work of the artist, Antonella Canavese. (The likeness is astounding!)

Isn’t she adorable?

Please visit more works by this gifted artist at:

Antonella Canavese: Art & Illustration.


11 thoughts on “Lucy, Italy’s Top Model

      1. You’re welcome ! I enjoy seeing all of the photos that you post. I just wanted you to know that, even if I don’t comment on all of them. You are a wonderful photographer, Debbi ! 🙂


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