Dialing Southwest Oklahoma?

If you need to look up a number in the yellowbook of Southwest Oklahoma, take a look at the cover first. 

Yes, that’s the latest of my photos to be published and used publicly. I’m still in amazement at how people find my work, but thankful and grateful they do and find them useful and desirable.

A few weeks ago I was contacted and asked if one of my Lake Altus photos could be used as a cover piece for the local phone book. I agreed only to find out that it was one of several that were being put into a pool and I would then be notified if it was selected. Meaning, it wasn’t for sure going to be the cover, but COULD be and I would know the next day. In my mind, it then went from a requested piece to being placed in a contest. Funny how a little bit of that competitive spirit tried to rise up with those few additional words. In all seriousness, I was honored that it was even being considered and if it was selected, I’d be even that much more honored. If it wasn’t selected, then at least it was considered.

The next day came and went. I didn’t hear a word about it and quite honestly forgot until late afternoon of the following day. When it crossed my mind, I sent a quick email saying that since I had not heard anything I just assumed it was not selected and “thank you” for even considering it. What I wasn’t expecting was an email the following morning apologizing for not letting me know sooner that my photo had in fact been the one chosen from the pool. Wow!

I requested to receive a copy of the book once printing was completed, so that I could add it to my collection. I am gathering up pieces for my future generations. (Long story short: I had a great-aunt who was a Cover Girl at the turn of the century and I’ve spent years trying to locate magazines and books that she was used as the model in. I don’t want my great-great-grandchildren having to do the same – so I’m making it easy on them.)

Lo and behold – it arrived yesterday…


(To see other photos I’ve had published, click here.)



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