Moving On to the Next Phase

I don’t normally have days that I wake up feeling yucky but today is one of those rarities. I think it’s because I’m going on two weeks of not being at my morning Jazzercise class. They truly revitalize me and if you don’t have a regular plan of exercise, I HIGHLY encourage you to find one – for the health benefits whether you need to lose weight or not!

Last week after his return from being out of the country, my Sweet Hubby was home more than usual. He rarely catches anything in the form of sickness. However, last week his health was challenged. I began immediately upping my dosage of the Word, vitamin C and Echinacea – I refuse to catch it. Due to him being home and other time requirements, I did not go exercise.

Fast forward to this week and praise Jesus, I can say I have the victory. I have not had (nor will I) any of the symptoms that Sweet Hubby had, but I can tell in my body that it’s been a fight. I’ve had a few other ways of knowing my body is being attacked and one of those is fatigue. I just have not been able to bounce up in the mornings like usual. So again…no exercise.

And what does that lead to? Feeling “yucky”. I need that exercise and especially knowing I must get about 20 lbs off before the end of the year to satisfy my own goal.

In the midst of my yuck, I needed encouragement of just how far I’ve come since I started my weight loss journey the latter part of 2004.

In doing so, I came across these photos.











I published a book in 2009 titled, No More Weighting – Thought for the Week. It’s a weekly devotional full of weight loss tips.

I’m pulling it out, reading it and looking over these photos to encourage me to move on.

I’m moving on to the next phase of Victory!

(If you are interested, you can find my book at Amazon.)



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