The REAL La Salle’s Riverboat Expedition – Jefferson, Texas

I said I was finished (for now) posting photos of Caddo Lake, but I NEVER said I was finished sharing others from our trip to east Texas.

Did you ever visit Six Flags Over Texas any time from the early 60’s to the early 80’s? If so, then you may recall the La Salle’s Riverboat Expedition. I have great memories (and as a child, a few scary ones) of that ride.

(If you are interested in the story of the history of La Salle, the inspiration of the riverboat expedition, click here.)

We learned of the Turning Basin Bayou Tours prior to arriving in Jefferson and decided it would be a great thing to do on the afternoon of our first day. After arriving at the small “shack” building, we paid for our tour, looked around the gift shop and headed to board the boat.

John Nance, the captain has been running these tours since 1982. Three years after he began giving tours, he purchased three boats. And guess what boats? Yes, the original boats from the Six Flags famed boat ride. They were converted to use on the “real” river and have been used since that time.

As I boarded the boat, I was taken back in time to my childhood. They look exactly the same!

Cap’n Nance was full of information and we enjoyed the hour trip immensely.

Here are a few photos from the trip.






 The only things missing were the Indians shooting arrows, the cannons bombing, the cave with the treasures and the hangings of Jacque and Pierre.

That’s OK – at least I can now say I have taken a trip down the Big Cypress Bayou on the REAL La Salle’s Riverboat Expedition!


4 thoughts on “The REAL La Salle’s Riverboat Expedition – Jefferson, Texas

  1. I love, love, love this photo essay, Debbi! In fact, I added a link to this post at the bottom of my most recent blog post. I hope it brings you lots of appreciative visitors. Glad to have found you and your blog. I’ll be back! 🙂


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