Double Time

I should do some research to find out who made these clocks and when. I don’t know who the clockmaker is, but one thing I’m pretty sure of is that both of the clocks below were made by the same maker.

If you have been following me the last week, you know that a girl friend and I had a Girls’ Getaway to Jefferson, Texas last weekend. The place we called home for two nights was the Carriage House Bed and Breakfast. After breakfast one morning, we struck up a conversation with Tom Lester, the host of the BnB. Somehow the subject of photography was entered into the conversation and I discovered that Tom is not only a great host, but also a fellow-photog.

Tom had been looking through some of my photos when he mentioned a similarity in the old clock that sits in his front yard and the one that is mounted in the middle of town in Mineral Wells. 

I’d say there is a huge similarity! If anyone knows anything about the clocks such as when and where they were created, I’d be interested to know the details.

Double time!

The clock from Jefferson:


The clock from Mineral Wells:


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