Jefferson General Store: Back in Time

Want to take a trip back in time? Then step into Jefferson’s General Store.

Everything you remember from the good ol’ days can be found in this flashback store. For those of us who are too young to recall this type of store on the corner of our neighborhoods, it’s a reminder of what we’ve seen in Leave it to Beaver, Mayberry RFD and the other fantasy places that we have lived through TV.

The goodies you will find here range from homemade fudge to ice cream sodas to the most unusual things.

And talk about unusual things! How about some Cheddar and Bacon Grasshoppers? Yes, the real insects complete with their little antennas. Or if you are a lover of bacon, you can find bacon flavored toothpicks, bacon tablets to flavor your water and even bacon gum.

Browse to the back of the store and John Wayne will greet you next to his mechanical horse. 

What a fun store this is and I look forward to taking a journey back in time again on the next visit!








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