The Ghost of John Wayne – Spotted in East Texas!

If you saw my post yesterday, then you know that John Wayne was spotted in Jefferson, Texas at the beautiful Virginia Singleton house – on the balcony of all places!

Once he was seen there, seems as if he made the rounds. 

The next sighting was in an old building’s window in downtown Jefferson.

After that he was seen standing around (quite odd seeing his legs were erased for the first photo) at an old hotel next to the train depot in Marshall, Texas.

Then by-golly, he was seen riding a mechanical horse back at Jefferson’s General Store.

I thought he had found himself at home until just today he was spotted again – this time  peeking out of my new, favorite coffee mug! I guess he didn’t get enough of me and decided to follow me home.

The most amazing thing in all of these photos is how he changed sizes. He went from pretty normal to very large to somewhat skinny then to quite small. I guess that’s what ghosts can do.

Truth be told, the first photo is the only one I had planned to do. But posting it on Facebook and seeing a few people think it was real, I realized very quickly that I had better let it be known that it wasn’t. So in about five minutes’ time I literally threw the layer of John onto the other photos to get them out there.

In other words…people, it’s a hoax! (Just in case you were wondering.)


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