Swampy Dinner – Another View from the iPhone

Can you believe it? I’ve been home two days since my weekend Girls’ Getaway to Jefferson, Texas and I haven’t even loaded the pics from my camera to my computer?

What is wrong with me? Well, nothing except the But First Syndrome.

But first, I had to spend Monday running errands and getting new tires. But first, today I have to clean house and watch Creative Live to learn some new Photoshop tips. But first, but first, but first.


seeing I haven’t even loaded my photos yet, today’s post will be another photo from my handy-dandy iPhone.

One thing I left off mentioning in yesterday’s post was the yummy dinner we had sitting over the lake on Friday night. We had decided to take a drive over to Caddo Lake after our river boat tour and ended up quite hungry just about the time we passed the Riverbend Restaurant. It was a cloudy, cool day and the patio had open tables. The patio overlooked the swampy lake and made the perfect place to be for two hungry girls.

The food was yummy and the view spectacular.


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