Big Rocks

I’m amazed. It happens almost every time. What?

Well, I load the photos that I’ve taken into my computer and as I skim through them, I’m disappointed at myself. Disappointed that I didn’t do better. That I didn’t get better photos. That I didn’t pay better attention to my settings, my composition, my point of view. The whole kit-and-caboodle. What happens next is I walk away.

When I come back later and sit down to go through them again, my perspective is different. I can see things in a different way. And I ALMOST ALWAYS process more photos than I imagined having the first time I looked at them.

That is exactly what happened with my PhotoFrenzy from last week’s trip to Glen Rose. And this is one photo that I thought was headed to the trash bin. Until I processed it with my newly created texture that I’ve named Big Rocks.

Any idea where the name came from?


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