12.8.12 Help-Portrait: GO. LOVE. GIVE.

The video below is a glimpse of a Help-Portrait event and was created for the day in 2011.

This year’s date is set for December 8th. All around the world – yes, global.

People will come together – photographers, assistants, makeup artist, beauticians, grandmas, grandpas, mom, dads, friends, family, anyone with a heart to love on people. Check out the Help-Portrait website and get involved in your area! If there is not an Event that has been started, then start one.

Like we did! We are building a team in the Fort Worth area to…


It  just takes one little spark to get the flame burning and growing!

Just one little flame in the darkness,
just one little flicker of light;
Just one small glimmer of brightness,
dispelling the darkness of night.

But, oh, what God did to the darkness 
with one little flicker of light;
Oh, what God did with its brightness
When it touched just one other life;

Then two lights reached out with new brightness,
And soon there were four, and then more–
So quickly His light conquered darkness
as new lights flared up by the score.

No longer just one light in the darkness,
no longer just one tiny flame, 
Now the world’s aglow with His brightness,
Since the Light of the world, Jesus came.

(words by Lanny Wolfe)


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