Beauty of the Lone Chimney

All week I’ve watched the sky. I wanted to take an hour’s drive north and check out the area just west of Gainesville where the old WWII US Army infantry-training camp and place that held German Prisoners of War, Camp Howze, once sat. I figured since I didn’t know for sure what it would be like, I’d at least get some beautiful landscape shots if the sky was in my favor.

Each morning I’d wake up, look out to see no clouds. Just blue skies. Blue skies are beautiful, but do not add much to photographs of flat land. However, big white fluffy clouds amidst the blue add tremendous character and interest to the otherwise, somewhat boring shots.

Friday morning as I drove towards my exercise class, I noticed the sky. It was quite dark, but due to clouds! Cloud cover that I knew held no rain. And what does that mean? That eventually the sun would break through and make for some interesting skies. Just as I approached my exit to go burn some fat, my car turned around and headed home. I guess it knew if I didn’t go right then, I could miss my opportunity. So I hurried home, changed clothes, grabbed my camera and headed north.

It’s been a few years since I last drove down the roads between the acres and acres of land that still show signs of the long forgotten camp. Farmland still holds rows and rows of concrete stumps sticking up from the ground that held the many buildings that once housed and trained men of war.

I had no idea what it would look like at this time of year. I had thought perhaps the wild grasses would be so high that you might not be able to see the stumps. 

…but that wasn’t the case.

Now and then you will see a chimney sticking up on the flat land. There are not too many left, but this one is a reminder to all that pass, or at least to me – of what once covered these fields.

I have to admit, at this time of year it’s quite a beautiful sight!

There is most definitely beauty in this lone chimney!


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