What my iPhone Saw Today

Today was a BLAST! I will save the details of my PhotoFrenzy for another day – maybe tomorrow.

For now, I am going to share what my iPhone saw today while I was out snapping my 7d here, there and everywhere.

It started with this. Clouds in the sky!

I knew I HAD to get on the road and head north. So I drove:

I have a thing about roads, paths, bridges and trees:

While I was out shooting meaningful, artistic photos with my 7d, my iPhone found a few unusual things. 

Such as tires sunbathing on a fence:

It came across a lake that had a small bay.

But the bay was covered over with this! Looks like solid ground, but oh…it’s not!

It also discovered an old Army plane sitting in a front yard:

Not far from the plane was an abandoned, burned-out house. Looked like something from an 80’s fright movie!

An old fire engine:

Oh yeah, and the giant Fiberglass Family.

Don’t ask me what these are! I don’t think I want to know. They were furry and at one time had been alive. Ewww!

But finally, what had been the purpose of the entire drive. The remnants of the old POW camp,

Camp Howze…

You just never know what an iPhone might find on country drives in Texas!


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