The Sky Was Screaming at Me!

As a landscape photographer, there is one thing I notice EVERY day. It’s the first thing I look out of my window for each morning when I wake up – whether I’m planning to shoot or not.

Can you guess? Yes, the sky!

I notice skies, clouds, definition, character – all that comes from the great big canopy that God created just for me!

I’ve always been amazed with the sky and weather. The inside joke is that I should have been a meteorologist. Maybe it started with living in Mississippi at the time of Hurricane Camille. (Does that age me?) I recall that hurricane like it was yesterday and I was terrified. Keep in mind, I was very young. I remember my dad asking me if I wanted to look out the window in the wee hours of the morning as the eye of the storm was coming through. I cried, “No!” Our neighbors had a picnic table in their backyard and I imagined a great big, huge floating eyeball bouncing across and over the table.

Why did I share that? I have no idea, except from that day on weather meant something more to me. Not always a good thing, but interesting just the same. The sky is something that tells the story of weather. And my absolute favorite sky is deep blue with white fluffy clouds. You know the kind…the one that looks like giant cotton balls floating in a sea of blue.

That is what we had today and as I looked out the window, I could hear the sky screaming at me. I just HAD to get out! I had no specific place to go and no idea where I’d head, but I drove. I took back roads and constantly watched the sky.

What do I look for when out hunting for a photo? The angle of the shadows on the clouds, the way the sun reflects and the direction that it’s coming from, so that I can see the most definition. I also look at the scenery – look for an object of interest or a scene that I could envision as a photo. Then I look for a place to pull over. That’s the challenging part.

Today’s drive didn’t produce very many shots but one that I captured was of a field with hay bales. As soon as I saw this scene, I knew exactly how I’d process it. I saw it immediately as one that had a painterly feel.

This is the one I caught:

This is the final product that I saw:

It’s fun to have days when there is nothing on the agenda and the sky is screaming at me. Today I heard and answered!


3 thoughts on “The Sky Was Screaming at Me!

    1. Thank you P. Funny you should say that…I just had a convo yesterday with someone where I had to admit that I’ve finally accepted the title of artist. It wasn’t an easy thing to digest at first. You are a blessing to me!


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