Good Morning Y’all!

I had posted a photo of my lil’ Lucy girl for a photo challenge but then decided to submit a different one.

This one!

It is probably my favorite of all the ones I’ve taken of her…and bless her heart, that is many, many, many. Whenever I’m trying out something new with my camera, she hears your name. She’s had that big thing in her tiny face so many times that now I have to really beg. When she sees I have the camera, she will run the other direction or at least turn her head to avoid me.

She is really quite funny!

This is such a Lucy shot! Shows her true personality. How could I resist posting this one as my I Heart Faces photo challenge picture? I couldn’t!

You can just about hear her say, “Good morning y’all!”

(To see more, click on this photo and it will take you to Lucy’s very own gallery.)

Photo Challenge Submission


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