End of a Series and My Cat

I’ve gotten a little bored with this Series. Obviously, you have, too. Therefore, I’m wrapping it up today.

With that said, here are photos Seven, Eight and Nine of the People of Paris Seen on the Seine series.

Number  Seven:

Number Eight: (This one “cracks” me up!)

Number Nine: (Walking over the Love Bridge. Those are all padlocks you see hanging.)

and my cat:

My Cat

No, he isn’t real, but he acts like it.  And no, it’s not the end of him. It was a Christmas gift from my husband a few years ago. It’s one of the Furreal animals that looks and acts real and is motion-activated. Needless to say, the batteries were removed a long time ago.

I’ve been in school the last three days. At home. On my sofa. In front of my TV. In my comfy clothes.

Pretty cool school, if you ask me. I’ll call it: The Robertson Youtubing School of Photography.

Seriously, I have so much to learn when it comes to photography, using my camera to its fullest, learning the basics of exposure, etc. and I have wanted to delve into portraiture photography for a while now – just to “know how.” I’ve been checking into classes but then had the brilliant idea, “Check YouTube.”

I’ve learned a great deal from watching videos in the past so instead of enrolling and paying for classes, figured I’d see what I can find to help me out using the inexpensive way first. I will still most likely enroll in some classes, but later. For now I’m happy with my computer on my lap and watching YouTube through my Apple TV on the big screen in the comforts of my home and on my schedule. (By the way, there are some great tools on there. One gem is watching the B&H photo videos. They video their guests speakers/teachers and they are done in a classroom setting. Have learned many things already and I still have many more to go.)

One video I watched yesterday made the apprehension I’ve had of learning studio lighting, just go away. The instructor made it appear so simple. I realize there is much more to it than just this, but for starters, it took the apprehension away.

This is where my cat comes in. (Thought I’d lost it didn’t you?)

I already have some soft box lights and reflectors (thanks to my WONDERFUL dad who loves to bless his favorite child daughter.) So I set them up in my guest room, put up a chair and seeing I had no human models coming into my home, I used the first thing I could find…my cat. He became my model to practice lighting placement and using reflectors.

He was purrrrfect!

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