I Have to Tell You a Story of Favor

This one example of many of how we have the favor of God always working on our behalf.

This past May when we were in London, the first half of our trip was vacation for both myself and my Sweet Hubby. The last half was work for him. My girlfriend decided to join me in England for the second half of the trip and we had a wonderful time!

In planning for the trip, we had a long list of things that were MUST DOs and one of those was to visit Buckingham Palace to witness the Changing of the Guard. We had planned to do it on Friday morning.

Thursday morning we boarded a Hop On Hop Off bus tour and headed around town. About 11:00 or so (but we had no idea what time it was), we were temporarily parked at one of the stops and looked to our left to see a huge crowd. Just then, the guide mentioned the Changing of the Guard was about to take place and announced that if anyone had not seen it, to be sure to come back another day and get there early. We looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders as if to say, “what do we have to lose?” Nothing. So…we hopped off.

We walked towards the crowd. It was a VERY large crowd! On the side of the street we were on – which was the opposite side of the one we wanted to be on, the police officers had the crowds stopped. It was obvious we were too late to get in front of Buckingham Palace and they were not going to let us cross.

As we stood there watching what was going on in the distance and trying to decide if we should just keep to our original plans and come back the next day, the officer blocking our side, suddenly for no apparent reason let us cross. The other officer asked him, “What are you doing? They need to stay.” He then stopped the crowd, but by this time we had already crossed and we walked right up next to the fence in front of the palace. We had prime spots for viewing with only a few people between us and the fence, but with easy viewing and easy shooting by pointing over shoulders and in between posts.

We overheard someone in the area that we were standing in say to their party, “Do you realize we’ve been here for three hours?”

Not us! We had been there maybe 10 minutes and now we were standing at the fence.

That’s what I call having favor!



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