The Most Seen Bridge – At Least Right Now

Yesterday I shared a photo of one of the two iconic structures I’ve seen more than any every time I turn on the TV to watch the Olympics this week.

Today, I share with you the most seen bridge, at least for these two weeks of the Olympics. Seems most newscasts  have this as a background. It’s one of the most recognizable bridges of the day. Well, kind of.

You see many people think it’s the London Bridge. Actually the London Bridge looks just like any other bridge. Nothing fancy or necessarily recognizable. There’s a lot of history attached to it and there’s even a nursery rhyme about it, but it’s not something you could easily spot out of a lineup of bridges.

No, this is Tower Bridge. VERY recognizable, wouldn’t you say? Such an interesting bridge!


2 thoughts on “The Most Seen Bridge – At Least Right Now

  1. Beautiful shot. Interesting blue touches on the bridge. Is that a small bus in the foreground? It almost looks like an ice cream truck!


    1. Actually it is an ice cream truck. Click on the photo and it will take you to my smugmug site where you can see it larger. The ice cream truck is on the boardwalk between the Tower of London and the Thames River. I think what makes that bridge so unique, besides the shape, is all of the colors. Just beautiful! I just wish they would’ve had the Olympic rings hanging on it when we were there. That adds even MORE color! 🙂


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