Bus and Ben

Sometimes time slips by and before you know it, projects you’ve intended to accomplish are still waiting for their turn.

That is what has happened to my list of projects this summer. One in particular was the project of processing the thousands (yes, thousands) of photos that I shot while visiting England back in May. I had all intentions of coming home, unpacking, doing laundry and then locking myself in my office until I had sorted through and processed all of the photos that I would find as “keepers.”

But one thing after another (and one unexpected trip after another) popped up and kept me from that task. Until last week…

A little more than a week ago I developed several senses in regard to that trip and those photos. One was a sense of guilt that I hadn’t done them – which along with that feeling came a sense of fear that they will never get done. I do not allow guilt or fear to stay on me so I pushed them aside and quickly replaced them with determination.

I became determined to see the project through and therefore I spent hours and hours and HOURS this past week going through every photo and processing the ones that I wanted until each day’s catalog and been done. Oh, do not get me wrong…I still have a good number that need to be completed but at least I have the majority of them accomplished.

Why am I giving you all these details? It’s a warning! I’m warning you that seeing I now have a large selection of photos from my trip to England, along with the fact of the Olympics taking place in London during this time – those photos are what you will most likely be seeing on this blog for several days or weeks to come.

You can’t say you haven’t been warned. 

However, knowing myself, I’m sure I’ll be throwing something different in here and there.

Today I’m sharing one that contains two icons of London…a big red bus and the housing of Big Ben.


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