Chocolates Anyone?

What is a trip to London without a stop at Harrods?

And what is a stop at Harrods without visiting their Chocolates and Confectionaries room?


Chocolates anyone?




4 thoughts on “Chocolates Anyone?

    1. Get this…I didn’t! I resisted because I knew I probably wouldn’t stop at one. Plus, we had just finished having tea in the restaurant so it helped to resist the temptation. You’ll have to tell me if you resisted WHEN you get there! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by! ~ Debbi


  1. I agree with Sweet Addict. Went to the Harrods chocolate department recently and just went round and round for ages, enthralled by what was on display. Eventually did buy some but, wow, it was so difficult to narrow down my choice!


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