Hip Pic from London

The last couple of days I’ve spent back in England. No, not on another trip from processing photos that have been sitting on my hard drive since I returned in May.

I have literally thousands of photos to go through and hundreds to process.

As I was going through the good, the bad and the ugly this weekend, I came across this one.

It is one that I shot while we were walking through the crowded streets during the 5 o’clock rush hour in the St Pancras area of London. I wanted some shots of the people hustling and bustling about, but was nearly impossible to get when everyone is walking so fast. I didn’t want to be the typical tourist and stop to take a few – which would surely have caused a walking-traffic-backup. So, deciding to get creative, set my camera on my hip and pressed the shutter button as I was walking. Not having a clue what I would get, the anticipation of the possibilities was exciting.

I had forgotten about that adventure until this weekend. Of all the shutter releases I got, this one was the best. My settings were not correct for this type of photography but I think it turned out kind of “artsy” and I like it just the same.

It is in all literal terms truly a hip pic.


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