Lunch with Two Beautiful Ladies!

This afternoon I was invited to lunch with two beautiful ladies. They both happen to be related. One is my 13 1/2 year-old niece (must get the 1/2 in there) and the other is my mother.

Since Emma was about two years old, I’ve seen my mom in her. I remember seeing photos of my mom at that age and told everyone that Emma looks just like mom did at that age. As Emma grew, I still saw mom in her from old photographs.

Today at lunch I remarked once again, how much they look alike. I could hardly wait to come home and look for an old photo to prove my point.

I’ll let YOU decide if they look alike.

Here is mom at about Emma’s age:

Now here’s the odd part. With a little (very fast) photoshop work, here they are side by side with the same hair.


Are you ready?


This is a little freaky if you ask me.


OK, do they look alike?


Do you see the resemblance?


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