Happy 24th Covenant Love Christian Center!

Today is the celebration of our church – and it’s worth celebrating.

The uncompromised Word of God is preached there by our pastors, Nick and Germaine Wright.

That’s worth celebrating!

They have never faltered or wavered in what they preach. Never! They live what they preach. Always! They are real. The real-deal!

We’ve attended for 20 of those 24 years and we’ve seen changes in the buildings, in the congregation but never the pastors. They are like the Word – never-changing. Always the same!

I’m so thankful they started that little church out of their living room 24 years ago and have stuck with the call of God on their lives, even through challenges that have been faced. They never change and they never give up.

Congrats CLCC and Pastors Nick and Germaine. We are thankful for your true commitment, the truth of who you are and the Truth that you preach!

(This photo of our church building located in North Richland Hills, Texas was taken by my mother. Check her out here.)


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