Now You See Him – Now You Don’t

Earlier this week, Sweet Hubby and I took a drive to Possum Kingdom Lake. We wanted to see how things looked after a year of recovering from the fires that swept through the area. If you recall, thousands of acres in Texas were in flames just a year ago and the Possum Kingdom area was one that was hit the hardest.

One of the things I love about that particular area is the fact that deer roam freely and are so accustomed to people that they seldom run off. At least the elders.

We came upon a mother and fawn. They both stopped and looked our way as I lowered the window of the car to take their photo. But within a split second, the little fawn was gone.

You can see in the two photos below how quickly the baby deer took off. It even surprised the mama.

Now you see him – now you don’t!

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