A Very Special Place in Fort Worth

I live in Fort Worth.

Yet, like so many who seldom venture out in “their own backyard” so-to-speak, to see the beauty of where they live, I admit I’m guilty.

There are so many interesting places within a 15 mile radius and yet, I seem to forget about them!

Well, not this weekend. Sweet Hubby and I decided to take a drive downtown and around our home city.

One of the stops was this very special place…

This is the Arlington Heights United Methodist Church.

This is special because it’s my starting place. It’s the place my parents were married 51 years ago.

It was at this beautiful church that two people were united and without that unity taking place, I wouldn’t be here.

It’s also the place where I was christened as an infant. So I guess you could say my spiritual start took place here, too. (Although it was many years later that I was truly born again.)

Yes, it’s a very special place in Fort Worth!


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